ringing in my friends birthdays the right way is no easy task. they only had one request, balloons, and i’d be damned if i didn’t follow through. so here we are, a different city, a globally recognized helium shortage , and lots of waffles. don’t question it.

the journey to miami… for the trip “our” (feven and i’s) biggest concern was weight and discretion. We didn’t want our friends to be suspecting of a surprise and we were also not trying to break the bank to deliver it to them, so our present ultimately ended up being an “experience”. how an experience you ask? two words, matching pajamas. i know it might be corny, but the little girl inside me always gets excited when anything alludes to a girl group soiree, and now our little girl group was one step closer to cohesion. So pink pajamas tops was what it wassss. To make it a “true” experience we had to include a birthday sash, some personalized goodies, and an activity which took the form of no other but a scavenger hunt. Though in reality the scavenger hunt was a flop, the idea was cute tho…lmao memories.

but nothing compares to the gift of nature. i have to bow down and thank all three of my gal pals for planning this event, especially Danyelle. Without their planning efforts none of this may have happened, the first trip of many. MiAMi.

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