There is nothing like a 21st birthday. Well for me, there was nothing like planning your 21st birthday. If you ask my friends i am a decoration control freak, but when i get a vision i am determined to see it out!

my theme was all things pink….not because it was my favorite color but frankly because its the only neon color i could reason with. the only way i truly could transform the space for the least amount of money was to install the streamer wall. with about 9 rolls of dollar store streamers…and thus 9 dollars later, the color was already evident. tiny details such as , pink drinks, pink snacks, the burn book poster, and pink and white baloons only added to the unity within the room

i love food…and to me good food and good decorations equate to a good party. not always the truth but usually if both things hold true my butt is happy. it was important for me to have universally liked snacks such as chips and dip, chocolate covered strawberries, and…well…my personal favorite….cookie pizzas. this was the first party i’ve had complete control over and i learned alot of things along the way!

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