with the restrictions of covid it was important for me to find a way to have fun, stay safe, and fully celebrate danita and danyelles 21st and 22nd birthday. this meant that there was a whole lotta hand sanitizing, disinfectant wiping, floor cleaning, mask wearing, distance taking procedures we routinely followed along the way. but nonetheless…welcome to bohochella


i wanted the event to be an experience, so it was important to get everything to the tone of the theme starting all the way with the invitations. the invites were created with the intention to amplify the boho vibe through the apps procreate and canva, giving a customized touch to the party that would be mirrored throughout the weekend!


i am what they call bougie on a budget…and this party was no exception. feven and i split the bill of decorations, food, alcohol, party favors, and sanitary measures , totaling the party at a wopping 140$

when decorating on a budget, it’s important to find things that are dramatic enough to transform a space. for this event this meant having a balloon wall and ceiling streamers as our focal point. the living room served as the main party area where a variety of activities would be held, so it was important that the decorations within the space were equally as versatile. most of the decor showcased in the photos above were found at our local dollar tree. tiny touches such as handwritten notes, packing paper, candles, cozy blankets and floor pillows helped to embody the bohemian theme.

fun fact: me and feven started the tradition of matching pajamas last year! to keep the tradition alive in a costly nature, feven and i bleach dyed t-shirts found at the dollar tree!

as previously expressed, bohochella was to be an experience so to accomplish this, throughout the party the birthday girls received envelopes giving hints to the “next step” or to the “next destination”. the first envelope was a QR code taped outside our apartment door that provided the directions to stroud’s run state park, a nearby beach. as they were at the house changing, feven and i were finishing the set up for the beach picnic.


even though we couldn’t go out and formally mingle, i still wanted the birthday girls to feel a sense of adventure since we obviously couldn’t hit the bar or the club…so instead we hit the beach

the vibe was kept casual with light snacks and drinks, music and playing cards, and the unexplored option of enjoying water floaties…shade. my favorite recipe out of the beach spread i guess isn’t much of a recipe at all….but the pairing of watermelon and mint….mind blown.


for dinner we rolled out packaging paper and plopped down floor pillows creating a distanced floor setting for all 6 of us to enjoy! pasta and salad was served family style with personal strawberry shortcakes for dessert! so many precautions were explored and conversations were had leading up to the party, but it was worth every second with all the good vibes and drunken laughs created as a result!


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