May 5, 2019

Meet Dess, class of 2019 high school graduate!

For the shoot Dess wanted a more organic feel so we went to one of the more popular gardens in the Columbus area, Inniswood Metro Garden, and shot where we felt most inspired. We got to explore the rock garden with the beautiful waterfall as well as the numerous flower gardens highlighted within the park.

One thing i really like about this shoot is the different color profiles. With a variety of scenery there was a lot of play with colors and light. i’ve been trying to be more mindful of my surroundings and the dynamic of interaction between the model and their surroundings.

My goal is to capture not just a vibe but the persons vibe…I haven’t mastered it yet. if you ever have the luxury of meeting Dess you will know she has such a vibrant laugh, and i got to capture a little piece of it!

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