Sunday Brunch


i live in Athens Ohio, a place notorious for weekend parties, but i’m not much of a partier. if i could choose my perfect weekend, it would be with friends: hanging out, watching movies, having family dinners, and more importantly being in conversing atmospheres. i knew i would have to create some of these moments for myself because seldom opportunities of that nature are presented to me . sunday brunch, a girls day to be creative, put our pinkies up, vibe to neo-soul music, and connect.

i am all for neo-soul music, to me it creates the perfect artistic atmosphere. artists like lianna la havas and eryn allen kane always grace my playlist, and today was no different. a vibe embroidered by candles, flowers ,and sass.

my roommate Feven inspired the idea of having a painting focus , a theme. we searched and landed on the word sonder -the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. to me theres something ambiguous about a feeling because its internal and rarely discussed, so the idea of then painting your own interpretation of that feeling…ART. the reality of paint night was more so a pinterest search for the perfect picture but it was still beautiful in its own regard.

none of this would have happened without the friendly neighborhood dollar tree. i am definitely the definition of a college students financial situation, though i do have to say, i am more likely to invest in personal projects and events than i am to invest into clothing or shoes. its what makes a girl happy. this project didn’t break the bank, i think all together i ended up paying 35$ for everything. because of the nature of the event the painting supplies took up the bulk of the cost, but even so in perspective it wasn’t too expensive. if you like the vibe, linked below are some of the products featured in the picture above:

For brunch there was a waffle bar with whipped cream and mixed berries, eggs, sausage, OJ and cranberry juice. None the less my favorite meal hands down. Breakfast in my family was always that lazy go to, especially with aunt jemimia’s pancake mix, all that girl needed was some water.

ultimately sunday brunch was a success, and the first of many.